In the land, there lie three kingdoms: The Kingdom of the Sun, Kingdom of Earth, and Kingdom of Ice. Their stories were vast and numerous, steeped in legends and myth that many had long since forgotten. Till one day the darkness of old returned, ancient and fearsome beasts including the fabled and thought instinct dragons… The Earth shook in fear and crumbled beneath frightened feet.

Now the people turn to the old stories, the legend of the four warriors who would rise and overcome the darkness, as once had been done before.

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Once upon a time I swore I had a h e a r t
                           Long before the world I knew
t o r e it all apart

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I don’t reblog a lot of Elsa, but this is perfect. The ice dress is nice, but this is gorgeous. (I have a weird thing for Elsa in “normal” clothes - not the buttoned-up look, not the “let it go” look, just… Elsa comfortable with everything. And maybe sharing clothes with Anna. ♡)

The icy tips of her bangs, the expression, the clothes… this is beautiful. Exactly what I hope/imagine post-Frozen Elsa to be like- confident, content, and gorgeous. <3 



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everything you do it sends me, higher than the moon with every, twinkle in your eye, you strike a match that lights my heart on fire. (x)







Look at them hold the lil Anna cocoon.
Soon she will be a beautiful butterfly.

I never noticed the look the Queen is giving Elsa - look how tender it is. She may not have spoken more than a line in the movie but apparently her eyes did…

I really like their mum honestly. She was super quiet but visibly supportive, a nice contrast to Papa Worst Ideas In The Universe.

Honestly I think she was the one who kept both girls sane during this horrible time in their lives

when u ain’t busy I better b seein those paragraphs (:

OKAY *cracks knuckles*

- Now the thing is, it’s probably due to the RPs I’ve done and also considering how passive the Queen (Idunn? IDK I’m just gonna call her the Queen for this.) in these scenes, I would like to think that she’s thinking about everything that’s happened so far. We got the King running his mouth and making hasty decisions, but as this scene shows (and later when she reacts -very- distressed over Elsa exclaiming that she doesn’t want either of them touching her) she is obviously concerned over Elsa almost more so than the King. (let’s also not forget that she was the one who scooped up Anna after the accident as opposed to Mr. King who started off accusing Elsa of what had happened)

-My speculation was, considering that the King was probably busy ruling over the country, the Queen spent most of her time with her daughters in the best way she could manage, of course, this would obviously be taxing for her, but it would be compelling to see this I admit. While “Do you want to build a Snowman” depicts both children as being alone, let us remember that a 3 minute song can’t accurately depict what happens in every day of 15 years. Perhaps the Queen acted as a relay between the children; giving both of them hope that they would be able to see one another again- a great difference from the whole “conceal don’t feel” crap, but sadly negative influences more often than not win out over positive words.

Since Anna and Elsa lived without their parents for 3 years, whatever threads their mother had managed to keep woven between the two of them were probably breaking- up until the coronation where the threads snap and Anna finally has her confrontation with Elsa

TL:DR- I think the Queen tried to at least alleviate the stress of the seclusion of her daughter even though there isn’t any proof but hey if people can devote pages and pages defending and excusing Hans I can at least provide the same for this sadly overlooked character who was full of potential

doesn’t help that she’s voiced by jennifer lee and that woulda been hilariously awesome if she was actually a main character 

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I watched Frozen yesterday, and really liked it! OvO

Then this kind of AU started growing in my mind, in which Merida goes to visit Arendelle’s kingdom in Norway, from Scotland to establish an alliance between both kingdoms and meets Anna and Elsa .

At first she doesn’t like Elsa because she thinks she’s too snooty, but then finds out about her powers, which really scares Elsa who begs her not to tell anybody, specially Anna. Merida reassures her she won’t.

- “But …aren’t you afraid?… I’m like a witch”

- “Nah, I met one before and believe me, witches ain’t scary”

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Pain changes people. —Unknown  (via epikhi)
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